Buying Process

1 – To complete a purchase in our website, we do recommend you to complete the registration process.

You’ll know the process is complete when you receive our welcome message by e-mail. Before doing any purchase, please make sure you receive this e-mail. If you don’t see it in your mailbox, please check your spam box. If the message was sent to spam, please mark it as not spam saying also that our e-mail address is trusted. At this point, all our messages will arrive normally to your Inbox.

If you haven’t received our welcome e-mail at all, please make sure you’ve used the correct e-mail address in the registration process.

2 – After registration, you may add your products to cart and proceed to checkout.

You’ll be asked to choose the desired shipping method from the list provided with possible shipping methods available to your destination.

You’ll be asked to confirm your shopping cart and choose one of the available payment methods.

In the end, just confirm order placement and you’ll receive the final confirmation e-mail.

3 – We also give our customers the ability to checkout without registering in our site.

We offer our customers the Paypal Express Checkout functionality. This way you can complete your order saving the time to fulfill the registration process.

Since we only get the necessary data¬† to be able to ship your goods to your requested shipping address, you’ll not be able to participate in any store campaigns we may launch.

4 – All the products indicated as “in stock” are available to be shipped in next day, except off course, in the case of a stock error.

If we detect such error, you’ll be noticed and you’ll have the option to wait or cancel the order.

5 – Back-orders are allowed for some products, in this case, the product will have this possibility announced.

6 – After payment clearance, your order will be processed.

All orders are expected to be payed within 48H, after that, the order will be canceled.

In case of back-orders, we will start the ordering process with our supplier and you’ll be notified when your order is effectively shipped to your address.