About Us

Our goal is to provide electronic products directed to fully support aquarium systems.


We are working to provide finished products for lighting and control water quality like PH, ORP, Salinity.

We aim to supply features through additional modules that give you control over other equipments essential to the aquarium water system. These are, calcium reactors, kalkwasser, trace elements dosing pumps, osmotic regulation, temperature, ozone generators and finally, wavemakers.

Additionally, we want to support Do-It-Yourself market with quality products. For lighting you will have, LED drivers, PWM to analog 1-10V converters, and other may come to mind.

For micro-controllers we provide shields that will help you to get your project working without messy wires, and with the most common features available in the same board. These boards are always built to be easily boxed. Size does matter!

I really hope you enjoy our products, but if you think that something can be done better, please fill free to contact us through the provided contact form in this website.

If you would like to see something available in our site, you can make that suggestion, we welcome that!


Thank you for reading!